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Bureau of Air

Bureau Chief Julie Armitage (217) 785-4140
Division of Air Pollution Control
Manager Jim Ross (217) 785-4140
Permits Ray Pilapil (Acting) (217) 782-2113
Air Quality Planning David Bloomberg (217) 524-4949
Air Monitoring Ernie Kierbach (217) 782-5811
Compliance Ray Pilapil (217) 524-0546
Enforcement Jim Morgan (217) 782-5544
Field Operations Vacant (217) 785-2011
Division of Mobile Source Programs
Manager Christopher Demeroukas (217) 557-1441
Technical Services Chuck Gebhardt (217) 557-1441
Field Services Barb Baxter (847) 758-3553
Compliance Assurance Steve Thorpe (217) 524-5607
Mobile Source Emissions Darwin Burkhart (217) 524-5008
Motorist Hotline   (217) 785-7449

Excerpt from Org ChartThe Bureau of Air (BOA) is composed of two divisions, the Division of Air Pollution Control and the Division of Mobile Source Programs:

Division of Air Pollution Control

The purpose of the Division of Air Pollution Control (DAPC) is to improve air quality by identifying air pollution problems, proposing appropriate regulations to control or reduce air contaminants, conducting inspections and reviewing permit applications to assure compliance with existing air pollution regulations.

Division of Mobile Source Programs

The primary purpose of the Division of Mobile Source Programs (DMSP) is to enforce vehicle emission limitations. To enforce the emission limitations, the DMSP operates a testing program for gasoline powered vehicles that measures exhaust emissions for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. The testing program requires vehicles that cannot meet state standards to have the necessary repairs in order to achieve compliance.

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