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Livestock Issues

The Comprehensive Livestock Environmental Assessments and Nutrient (CLEANEast) Management Plan program, supporting owners and operators of livestock and poultry operations in 27 eastern states, including Illinois, is now accepting applications for free and confidential on-site support services from a qualified Technical Assistance Professional to conduct an environmental assessment, update an existing nutrient management plan, or prepare a new nutrient management plan.
Regulatory guidance for livestock, grain and crop farms, as well as horticultural green industry
EZregs will provide more detailed information on applications of those regulations for livestock and crop farms, turfgrass and lawn care operations. It contains a variety of regulations related to environmental protection, safe use of agricultural chemicals, and livestock facility construction, management and siting. Historic preservation and endangered species preservation are also included.
Livestock Facility Survey Annual Summary
The Livestock Facility Survey Annual Summaries are compiled by the Illinois EPA agricultural engineers in response to their activities within a given calendar year.
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Permits
A National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NDPES) permit may be required for certain CAFO’s. Other requirements include implementation of a Nutrient Management Plan to handle manure and wastewater.
New 2008 Final Federal CAFO Rule FAQs
These are frequently asked questions regarding the new final Federal CAFO Rule. Additional questions and answers will be posted, as needed.
Emergency Release Notification
The Reporting Requirements for Livestock Waste Releases document provides information about emergency release notifications, steps to take in the event of a release, and the Livestock Waste Release Report form.
Illinois Certified Livestock Manager Training Program
The Certified Livestock Manager Program is administered by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. University of Illinois Extension has developed a training program to help you fulfill the requirements for certification.
Best Management Practices for Dairy Production
This fact sheet identifies best management practices that will improve operations and reduce the potential for generating odors and release of contaminants to ground water and surface water resources.
Best Management Practices for Pork Production
This fact sheet identifies best management practices that will improve operations and reduce the potential for generating odors and release of contaminants to ground water and surface water resources.
The fact sheet “What to expect from an Illinois EPA Livestock Facility Inspection”, details why the Illinois EPA is visiting your facility, what authority the Illinois EPA has, common occurrence during inspections, what happens after the inspection, and who you should call if you have questions.
Agricultural Inspectors by Illinois EPA Region
Map of IEPA field offices.
Tax Certification Program for Livestock Waste Management Facilities
As an incentive for livestock producers to construct waste storage structures and other structure which prevent water pollution the Agency administers a tax certification program , which reduces the property tax value for many pollution control improvements.
Livestock Management Facilities Act
The Livestock Management Facilities Act protects your right as a citizen to a safe, clean environment as well as the right of livestock farmers to earn a living. It concludes animal agriculture is important to Illinois’ economy and should be maintained, but farmers have a responsibility to be good neighbors.
Animal Feeding Feeding Operations (AFO) Virtual Information Center
The AFO Virtual Information Center is a tool to facilitate quick access to livestock agricultural information in the US. This site is a single point of reference to obtain links to state regulations, web sites, permits and policies, nutrient management information, livestock and trade associations, federal web sites, best management practices and controls, cooperative extension and land grant universities, research, funding, and information on environmental issues.

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