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Air Forms

Clean Air Act Permit Program (CAAPP)
Application Forms and Instructions

These forms and instructions are Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. You will need the free Acrobat Reader software, available from Adobe's web site, to view these documents. Get Acrobat Reader

(Note: CAAPP Sources ARE NOT to Use State Permit Forms.)

Note: A separate page contains the forms and instructions for the Emissions Reduction Market System (ERMS).

Note: A separate page contains the forms and instructions for the Clean Air Set-Aside Allowance (CASA).

For assistance with the completion and submittal of CAAPP forms, please contact the Bureau of Air Permit Section at 217/782-2113.

Guidance Documents

Construction Permit Forms for CAAPP Sources

Fee Determination for Construction Permit Application
199-CAAPP Construction Permit Application for CAAPP & FESOP Sources

List of All CAAPP Forms

Procedural Forms

Form Number Description

Air pollution episode action plan

161-CAAPP Standard Conditions for Clean Air Act Permit Program (CAAPP) Permits

Guidelines for the completion of air pollution episode action plans

199-CAAPP Construction Permit Application for CAAPP Sources
200-CAAPP Application for CAAPP Permit
202-CAAPP General Instructions for CAAPP Applications
209-CAAPP Request for CAAPP Forms

Hazardous Air Pollutant Emission Summary 

215A-CAAPP Emission Unit which does not emit a hazardous air pollutant
271-CAAPP Application for Modification to a CAAPP Permit
272-CAAPP Request for Ownership Change for CAAPP Permit
273-CAAPP Request for Administrative Permit Amendment for CAAPP Permit
280-CAAPP Request for non-applicability exception or exclusion of regulatory requirements
281-CAAPP Request for periodic monitoring (Revised 1/08/2009)
282-CAAPP Streamline applicable requirements (Revised 1/08/2009)
283-CAAPP Request for a Title I Incorporation into the CAAPP: T1, T1 Revised(T1R), T1 New(T1N)
285-CAAPP Withdrawl of permit or permit application
286-CAAPP Single source determination 
287-CAAPP Incorporate by Reference
Fee Determination for CAAPP Permit 
297-CAAPP Listing of Insignificant Activities
299-CAAPP Listing of Significant Activities 
464-CAAPP Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) Plan
500-CAAPP Delegation of Authority for Responsible Official to a Representative
505-CAAPP Supplement to CAAPP Application

Emission Unit Forms

Form Number Description
203-CAAPP Request to Operate with Excess Emissions during Startup of Equipment
204-CAAPP Request to Continue to Operate during Malfunction or Breakdown
220-CAAPP Process Emission Unit
232-CAAPP Storage Tank
234-CAAPP Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
235-CAAPP Aggregate Crushing Plant
236-CAAPP Grain Handling and Grain Drying
236A-CAAPP Grain Handling and Grain Drying Emission Calculation Sheet
237-CAAPP Perchlorethylene Dry Cleaning
240-CAAPP Fuel Combustion Emission Unit
250-CAAPP Incinerator
270-CAAPP Stationary Internal Combustion Engine or Turbine
301-CAAPP Coating Operation
302-CAAPP Printing and Publishing
336-CAAPP Electroplating Tank
358-CAAPP Solvent Cleaning - Open Top Vapor Degreaser
366-CAAPP Solvent Cleaning - Conveyorized Degreaser
367-CAAPP Solvent Cleaning - Cold Cleaning
391-CAAPP Fugitive Emissions

Air Pollution Control Equipment Forms

Form Number Description
260-CAAPP   Air Pollution Control Equipment
260A-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - Adsorber
260B-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - Afterburner
260C-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - Filter
260D-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - Cyclone
260E-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - Condenser
260F-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - Electrostatic Precipitator
260G-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - Packed Scrubber
260H-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - Scrubber
260I-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - NOx Control
260J-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - Flare
260K-CAAPP Air Pollution Control Equipment - Other

NOx Trading and Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) Forms

Form Number Description
640-CAAPP Request for Authorization for NOx Averaging For Electrical Generating Units (EGU)
650-CAAPP Application for Budget Permit for Non-Electrical Generating Units (Non-EGU)
660-CAAPP Application For Budget Permit For Electrical Generating Units (EGU)
670-CAAPP Application For CAIR Permit For Electrical Generating Units (EGU)

Compliance Forms

Form Number Description
293-CAAPP Compliance Plan/Schedule of Compliance for CAAPP Permit
294-CAAPP Compliance Plan/Schedule of Compliance - Addendum for Noncompliant Emission Units
295-CAAPP Certified Progress Report
296-CAAPP Compliance Certification
400-CAAPP Compliance and General Reporting Form
401-CAAPP Annual Compliance Certification

Excess Emissions, Monitoring Equipment Downtime, and Misc. Reporting Form


Mercury Monitoring Reporting Form

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