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Illinois Climate Change Advisory Group

Illinois Climate Change Advisory Group:

Final Recommendations to the Governor

Approved at the July 10 and September 6, 2007, Meetings

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Policy Option Sector(s) Subgroup
Implement smart growth initiatives and expansion of mass transit Transportation
Local Govt.
GHG emission standards for automobiles (California standards) Auto Manufacturers, Dealers Transport
Incentives for fuel efficient vehicles Auto Manufacturers, Dealers Transport
Low-carbon fuels standard; based on California proposal Transportation Fuels Transport
Fuel efficiency and/or low carbon fuel requirements for all government vehicles Government Transport
Passenger and freight rail upgrades Rail Transport Transport
CO2 emission performance standards for electricity generation or procurement (new generation only) Electric Power/Energy
Small renewable distributed generation: rules, legislation, incentives Electric Power/Energy
Energy efficiency standards for appliances and equipment Electric Power/Energy
Carbon capture & storage (from the outset) portfolio standard of 5%. Utilities must buy if available. Electric Power/Energy
Establish residential and commercial energy efficiency construction codes beyond international standards; energy efficiency building codes/standards for government buildings. Multi-sector Power/Energy
Phase-in of energy efficiency standards for light bulbs Multi-Sector Power/Energy
Energy conservation and efficiency programs for existing state facilities Government Power/Energy
Enhanced renewable portfolio standard of 25% by 2025 Electric Power/Energy
Enhanced energy efficiency: 2% demand reduction by 2015. No revenue cap. Multi-sector Power/Energy
20% carbon offset requirements for new fossil fuel generation Electric Cap and Trade
Cap-and-trade program for power generators and relatively large industrial sources: preference to link with other states Multi-sector Cap and Trade
Programs to encourage forest management, reforestation, tree- and grass-planting Agriculture
Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture (CIA)
Encourage or require reductions in emissions of high GWP gases (N2O, HFCs, PFCs, SF6) Commercial, Industrial CIA
Energy efficiency incentives, assistance and/or standards for commercial/industrial generators and boilers Commercial, Industrial CIA
Expand use of no-till farming Agriculture CIA
Encourage methane capture from coal mines, landfills, livestock farms and wastewater treatment plants. Multi-sector CIA
Increase traditional recycling diversion rate with municipal goals and by stimulating demand for recycled materials Multi-sector CIA
Land use development offset requirement Multi-sector CIA
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