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Information Statement On The Removal Of Lead-Based Paint


The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) recognizes the potential for environmental and human health impacts from the removal of lead-based paint (LBP) from the surfaces of various structures. In response to these concerns, the IEPA has prepared this information package which outlines those LBP removal approaches which IEPA recognizes as being consistent with protecting human health and the environment. Lead-based paint removal and containment technologies are continually evolving. Therefore, the IEPA will not be recommending specific methodologies. However, key general considerations in the removal of LBP are addressed. It should be noted that, although IEPA regulations focus on the potential for releases of lead to the outdoor environment, the requirements for the handling and disposal of solid and liquid wastes also apply to waste generated during the removal of lead-based paint from interior surfaces.

Questions regarding LBP removal should be referred to Connie Sullinger of the IEPA Office of Chemical Safety at (217) 785-0830 or specific Agency contacts listed within this information statement. For questions related to specific requirements for the removal of lead-based paint from residential buildings and child care facilities under the Lead Poisoning Prevention Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 845), please contact the Illinois Department of Public Health at (217) 782-5830.

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