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Supplemental Environmental Project Idea Bank

What is a Supplemental Environmental Project?

A Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) is a new environmentally beneficial project that a company agrees to undertake when settling an enforcement action. The SEP must improve, restore, protect, or reduce risks to public health and/or the environment beyond that achieved by compliance with applicable laws. When enforcing environmental laws and regulations, the State of Illinois has the authority to incorporate a SEP into the settlement agreement with a company that is separate from and in addition to correction of the violation. The company may receive some penalty offset for a SEP.

What is the Supplemental Environmental Project Idea Bank?

Illinois EPA created the Idea Bank to get ideas from the public for potential Supplemental Environmental Projects. Ideas submitted to the Idea Bank will be made available to company representatives for their consideration during negotiations with Illinois EPA. Project ideas will remain in the Idea Bank for two years from the date of submission.

What projects are appropriate for the Supplemental Environmental Project Idea Bank?

The following categories of projects are appropriate for the Idea Bank. Further description of each category can be found in the form instructions. The Idea List contains examples of projects for each of the categories.

  • Pollution Prevention/Reduction
  • Environmental Restoration and Protection
  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness
  • Environmental Education and Public Awareness
  • Waste Collection Events and Community Waste Programs
  • Other Projects

What actual projects have been submitted to the Idea Bank?

For a list of submitted projects, click on “View Projects” below.

How can I submit an idea?

You may find the form instructions helpful in properly submitting your idea. To submit your idea, click on “Submit Project” below and complete the Project Submission Form; you may include images or plans that illustrate the project. Please keep in mind that Supplemental Environmental Projects are not mandatory and there are no guarantees that a submitted project will be adopted. The company must ensure completion of the project when settling the enforcement action. Your contact information will be kept confidential and only shared with authorized representatives of companies engaged in enforcement negotiations with the State. When interest in your idea develops, the company representative may need to contact you to obtain additional details to assess its viability. If this occurs, Illinois EPA will notify you.

For additional information, please contact

Joey Logan-Pugh
(217) 785-5772

Deirdre McQuillen
(217) 558-0073


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