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New and Expanded Environmental Program Fees in Illinois

The Illinois General Assembly has approved Governor Rod R. Blagojevich's proposal for new and increased fees for several types of environmental programs operated by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to implement federal and state regulations.

Those fees are authorized under Senate Bill 1903 (Public Act 93-32, signed into law on June 20, 2003). The fee increases for the Bureau of Water and Bureau of Air are effective July 1, 2003. Bureau of Land fee increases are also effective July 1, 2003, with the exception of Hazardous Waste Permit and Inspection fees changes, which are effective Jan. 1, 2004.

The fees will impact a wide range of facilities, including publicly owned and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, combined sewer overflow communities, stormwater systems, sewer and water main construction, landfills, medical facilities generating potentially infectious medical waste; construction and operation of facilities required to have air pollution control permits and asbestos contractors.

There are five new fees: National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permits issued by the Bureau of Water; Construction permits for Industrial treatment, pretreatment, or wastewater sources issued by the Bureau of Water; Water Quality Certifications issued by the Bureau of Water; Clean Air Construction permits issued by the Bureau of Air; and Asbestos fees to the Bureau of Air. Detailed information on each of these fees may be obtained from the menu at right.

In addition, the fees are increased for the following:

  • Bureau of Water: Sewer Permits; Water Main Permits.
  • Bureau of Land: Hazardous Waste Permit and Inspection Fees; Solid Waste Management Fees; Subtitle D Management Fees; Manifest Fees; Potentially Infectious Medical Waste Fees; Tire Sales Fees.
  • Bureau of Air: Non-Title V Operating Permit Fees; Clean Air Title V Permit Fees.

Notices will soon be sent by Illinois EPA to current permit-holders specifying their obligations under the new fee schedule and when new or increased fee payments are due. Permit-holders should be aware that failure to pay fees when they are due could result in a referral to the Attorney General's Office and potential penalties, pursuant to statute.

To learn more about the specific fees, please select from the menu at right.


Combined List


Non-Title V Operating
Clean Air Title V


Tire Sales
Waste Manifests
Hazardous Waste
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Potentially Infectious Medical Waste


Water Main
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Industrial Wastewater Sources
Water Quality Certification
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