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T.R.E.E. (Teach Responsible Environmental Education)In a place far away, unknown to any human, stands a lonely out post called T.R.E.E (Teach Responsible Environmental Education). In this secret fortress live three brave and concerned souls, Captain Redbird, Captain Earthworm and Captain Bluegill. Their job is to protect our Earthship from air pollution, land pollution and water pollution, and the only weapon they carry is knowledge. It's a job they can't do alone so wherever they go they find volunteers to help watch and educate the inhabitants of Earthship.

So come with us now and follow these three wise heroes as they work to keep Earthship ship shape.

  • Log #1: A Little Litter, Big Trouble
  • Log #2: "Oil's" Well that Ends Well
  • Log #3: Water, Water Everywhere - Or Maybe Not
  • Log #4: A New Trend for Old Treads
  • Log #5: Pedal Power
  • Log #6: Leave Leaf Burning Alone
  • Log #7: Use It...Don't Lose It!
Check back soon for more exciting adventures!

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