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Draft Stopper

Denim Draft Stopper

(Courtesy of "Ripples" newsletter - produced by SCARCE for the DuPage County Environmental Education Program)

If you need an energy saving and simple craft project for your school, try piecing together one of these cute and creative draft-stopping pets. When placed at the bottom of a door or window, these pets will absorb cold drafts to keep homes cozier and reduce the energy costs. Materials needed:

  • One leg of an old pair of jeans, or 9 assorted, clean adult socks
  • Thread
  • Old buttons, lace, ribbons, felt scraps, fabric paints, or other trims for decoration
  • Materials for stuffing, such as an old pantyhose, tights, socks, towels, or rags, cut into small pieces.

For the denim draft stopper, first cut the leg from the jeans as high as possible. Stitch the cut end closed from the inside. Turn right side out and stuff. Sew the bottom closed and decorate as desired, maybe adding felt ears and a face to make a denim draft-stopping dog.

Wiggly Worm Draft Stopper

For the wiggly worm, first cut the socks above the heel. The foot part will become stuffing, and the cuffs will form the body of your worm. Sew eight cuff pieces together to form one long tube, and sew one end closed. Decorate the remaining sock for the head. Stuff both head and body and stitch together. If desired, decorate the rest of your wiggly worm.

You can turn this craft into a service-learning project for your school by donating the draft stoppers to seniors or low-income families, a most welcome family addition.

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