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Autocrat, St. Clair County, New Athens

LPC # 1631050001

Project Manager: Tom Miller

This site is a former stove manufacturing foundry located in New Athens, Illinois. The facility was operated from the early 1900ís until it was closed and abandoned in 1979. The Autocrat Corporation filed bankruptcy in 1988. An initial removal action of paint waste drums and transformers was performed by U.S. EPA in 1989. The Illinois EPA performed numerous sampling investigations on the site and found metals contamination (Arsenic, Chromium, Cadmium and Beryllium) in a foundry sand landfill located in the rear of the facility.

In January of 2001, the Illinois EPA contracted with REACT to perform the following remedial activities at the site: 

Selected Grubbing and Clearing
Contaminated foundry sands and soils excavation
Waste profiling and disposal of excavated material
Backfilling of excavated area with a minimum of three feet of clean clay (at 10-5 or better)
Seeding of backfill area
Removal of a 250 gallon underground storage tank
Site Survey and legal description of excavation area.

These activities were performed between January 22, 2001 and May 15, 2001. 7000 cubic yards of arsenic and heavy metals contaminated soils were removed from the site and sent to Cottonwood Hills Landfill near Marissa, Illinois (Approximately 9 miles from the site). The Autocrat site is currently owned by the City of New Athens and the Kaskaskia Port District. These entities plan on developing the site into a grain distribution facility. They have agreed to place a deed restriction on the property and prevent any future site users from disturbing the clay cap overlying the contaminated soils excavation area.

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