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Hazardous Waste Generation and Management Sites Annual Report

Section 20.1 of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act instructs the Illinois EPA to identify sites that generate, treat, store or dispose of hazardous wastes and to report the types and quantities of hazardous waste involved. Hazardous waste is defined by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), which gave the EPA authority to control hazardous wastes from “cradle to grave.”  Generators submit data annually to the Illinois EPA, which is then compiled and published.

2003 Sites Annual Report   (173 pages, 473 KB)

2004 Sites Annual Report   (168 pages, 251 KB)

2005 Sites Annual Report   (157 pages, 276 KB)

2006 Sites Annual Report   (151 pages, 267 KB)

2007 Sites Annual Report   (152 pages, 272 KB)

2008 Sites Annual Report   (139 pages, 309 KB)

2009 Sites Annual Report (151 pages 320 KB)

2010 Sites Annual Report (152 pages 284 KB)

2011 Sites Annual Report (168 pages 363 KB)

2012 Sites Annual Report (183 pages)


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