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Instructions for Notification and Registration of Used Tire Activities

Illinois State law requires that individuals who have over 50 used or waste tires accumulated on their property must NOTIFY the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA). Complete Part A and Part C of the attached form for this notification. If you have been assigned an Illinois EPA ten-digit site number then include this number on the attached form.


In addition to the initial notification, individuals who operate "tire storage sites" (see definition on page 2 of these instructions) must REGISTER EVERY YEAR by completing the Notification & Registration form and paying the annual $100.00 fee for each tire storage site. The registration form(s) and applicable fees must be submitted by January 1st of each year.


Included in the definition of a "tire storage site" are exemptions to the annual registration requirements. Tire retailers that accumulate 250 used tires outside provided they do not accumulate water or accumulate 1300 used tires (without rims) stored inside a building or trailer with no chance of water accumulation are not subjected to the annual registration requirements. If you store used tires and never accumulate more than 250 used tires; or if you store your used tires within a building or a trailer so that the tires are dry and never accumulate more than 1300 used tires you may qualify for the exemption. If your operation meets these limits then:

  1. complete Part A and Part C of the Notification Form (if you ever have more than 50 used or waste tires);
  2. under TYPE OF OPERATION place an "X" in the appropriate "Used Tire Storage-Exempt Site" box.
  3. have only Illinois registered transporters haul your used tires and maintain records to document the dates and numbers of used tires removed from your site.
Proceed to Part C (certification/signature) if exempt from part B. 

If you cannot comply with either the 250 tire limit or 1300 used tires inside limit then your facility is a "Tire Storage Site" subject to 35 Ill. Adm. Code 848. Under TYPE OF OPERATION place an "X" in the appropriate "Used Tire Storage Site" box and complete Parts A, B, and C of the Notification & Registration form.

If you are a Used Tire Processing Site, Disposal Site, or Combustion Site, place an "X" in the appropriate box(es). 

Pursuant to Section 55.8 of the Environmental Protection Act, any person selling new or used tires at retail or offering new or used tires for retail sale in Illinois must:

  1. collect from their customers a fee of $2.50 per tire sold to be paid to the Illinois Department of Revenue, Used Tire Management Fund, less a collection allowance of 10 cents per tire to be retained by the seller. This fee must be stated as a distinct item separate and apart from the selling price of the tire;
  2. accept for recycling used tires from customers, in a quantity equal to the number of new tires purchased;
  3. post in a conspicuous place a written notice (copy attached) at least 8.5 by 11 inches that includes the universal recycling symbol and the following statements: "DO NOT put used tires in the trash"; "Recycle your used tires"; and "State law requires us to accept used tires for recycling in exchange for new tires purchased"; and
  4. not allow used tires to accumulate for periods of more than 90 days.
  5. Contact the Illinois Department of Revenue, 101 W. Jefferson, Springfield, IL 62792 for more information on the $2.50 tire fee (within Illinois call 1-800-732-8866 or 217/782-3336.)


Individuals who haul more than 20 used or waste tires at one time must register with the Illinois EPA as a tire transporter. Only vehicles that are registered with Illinois EPA may transport loads of more than 20 used or waste tires within Illinois. Those who generate used tires must have their tires hauled in a registered vehicle. For more information on tire hauling regulations contact Illinois EPA (see contact information below).


"Disposal" means placement of used tires into or on any land or water except as an integral part of systematic reuse or conversion in the regular course of business.

"Processing" means the altering, converting or reprocessing of used or waste tires.

"Recyclable tire" means a used tire which is free of permanent physical damage and maintains sufficient tread depth to allow its use through resale or repairing.

"Reprocessed tire" means a used tire which has been recapped, retreaded or regrooved and which has not been placed on a vehicle wheel rim.

"Storage" means any accumulation of used tires that does not constitute disposal. At a minimum, such an accumulation must be an integral part of the systematic alteration, reuse, reprocessing or conversion of the tires in the regular course of business.

"Tire carcass" means the internal part of a used tire containing the plies, beads, and belts suitable for retread or remanufacture.

"Tire Storage Site" means a site where used tires are stored or processed, other than (1) the site at which the tires were separated from the vehicle wheel rim, (2) the site where the used tires were accepted in trade as part of a sale of new tires, or (3) a site at which both new and used tire are sold at retail in the regular course of business, and at which not more than 250 used tires are kept at any time OR (4) a facility at which tires are sold at retail provided that the facility maintains less then 1300 recyclable tires, 1300 tire carcasses, and 1300 used tires on site and those tires are stored inside a building or so that they are prevented from accumulating water.

"Used tire" means a worn, damaged, or defective tire which is not mounted on a vehicle.

"Waste tire" means a used tire that has been disposed of.


If you have any questions or want copies of the rules governing used and waste tires call us at 217/785-8604 or write us at:

Illinois EPA
Bureau of Land Used Tire Unit
1021 North Grand Avenue East 
P.O. Box 19276, Springfield, IL  62794-9276

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