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Used Tires

Waste Tire Collections

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The Illinois EPA held 28 countywide tire collections from April to November 2004; 8,323 participants brought in the equivalent of approximately 484,045 passenger tires to these collections.

Waste tires are collected at these events free of charge. However, participants must sign an agreement stating they will not accumulate waste tires in the future and that they have no waste tires remaining on their property. Future accumulation of used and waste tires is a violation of environmental law.

The Agency advises motorists purchasing new tires to leave their used tires with their retailer, who must, by law, accept used tires for recycling.

Illinois residents may participate by bringing waste tires to the designated collection points during the dates indicated. The maximum number of tires any individual may bring is 1,000. Those who have participated in previous collections are ineligible.

No tires will be accepted from companies that generate used tires in the normal course of business operations (i.e. commercial trucking companies, tire retailers, etc.). Car, truck and tractor tires will be accepted, but not large industrial or off-road tires.

The Illinois EPA's countywide tire-removal program began in 1990. It is funded by a $2.00 per tire user fee that consumers pay when purchasing tires at retail. Used tires are collected by tire dealers and are passed along to tire processors. Some tires are retreaded and reused; others are recycled into a variety of products and uses; but most are shredded into a high-energy-content fuel supplement and are burned in power plants, industrial boilers and cement kilns.

For additional information, contact the Illinois EPA's Used Tire Program at (217) 785-8604.


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