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Hydrogen-fueled Bus (30K bytes)
Darwin Burkhart, BOA checks out Chicago's new hydrogen-fueled buses for "Our Environment Today" program on alternative fuels.

The Illinois EPA's Office of Public Information has a number of programs available on video tape. Many of these programs were created for Our Environment Today, a bimonthly cable television show developed by the agency for local public access stations and the education community. The program uses a documentary approach to present current statewide environmental issues. Approximately 32 local cable stations in Illinois now air Our Environment Today.

To receive a free copy of any of these programs, specify which program(s) you desire and send a blank video tape with return address to:

Illinois EPA Studio #27
P.O. Box 19276
1025 North Grand Ave. E.
Springfield, IL 62794-9276

For more information about video programs, call Bob Wiatrolik at 217-785-1629 or send e-mail to

Program Titles and Descriptions

Air Monitoring
A look at agency air monitoring equipment and activities with a view from the top of the Sears tower. (1992; 30 min.)
Alternative Fuels
Brief history of early alternative fuels and a current look at electricity, propane, natural gas, hydrogen and ethanol as viable fuels for today's vehicles. (1997; 30 min.)
A close look at various asbestos removal activities and the many federal, state, county and local safety requirements. (1995; 30 min.)
Biological Stream Sampling
Look at two state agencies and numerous volunteers sampling and monitoring the aquatic inhabitants of the Mackinaw River. (1995; 30 min.)
Cash for Clunkers
An agency "pilot" pollution credits program where industries buy old polluting cars in order to reduce the amount of air pollution. (1993; 30 min.)
Clean Break
A look at the agency program which encouraged small businesses with pollution problems to accept agency assistance to identify and correct these problems. (1996; 30 min.)
Coal Mining
Brief history of coal mining and a current look at environmental changes/progress made in the industry. (1996; 30 min.)
Community Relations
How good community relations incorporates local citizens and groups in the planning process resulting in many successful environmental remediations. (1996; 30 min.)
Environmental Clubs
What unique things one Illinois high school class does in their environmental club. (1996; 30 min.)
Environmental Poster Contest
Follow a fifth grade class all the way through the agency's environmental poster contest activities to the awards ceremony. (1995; 30 min.)
Farming Environmentally
A look at how one Illinois farm family incorporates environmental practices into their personal stewardship of the land. (1997; 30 min.)
Glenview Naval Air Station
Two part look at one of the most successful base closures/environmental remediations in the nation. (1994; 60 min.)
Governor's Environmental Corps
A participants look at the agencies eight week paid summer environmental corps program available to college students. (1994; 30 min.)
Great Flood of '93
Three part program about floods impact on drinking water and sewage treatment plants, land fills, and the cleanup and recycling of damaged major appliances. (1993; 90 min.)
Companies for a Cleaner Environment
A look at what several Illinois companies are doing to prevent pollution. (1995; 30 min.)
Household Hazardous Waste
Look at several aspects of a typical agency sponsored community collection event. (1992; 30 min.)
Illinois EPA 25 years ago
First director Clarence Classen tells how the agency began, what the activities were like then and what the agency and priorities are now. (1995; 30 min.)
Methane Recovery
A look at what productive things are being done with and to old landfills. (1996; 30 min.)
Out in the Field
Two part program which follows agency field personnel on routine inspections of landfills, sewage treatment plants and drinking water facilities. (1996; 30 min.)
What is ozone and how is the agency monitoring ozone levels in the Chicago area. (1995; 30 min.)
Pollution Prevention
A two part close examination of several companies incorporating serious pollution prevention practices and equipment in their production processes. (1998; 30 min.)
Go 300 feet under Chicago and see the tunnel and reservoir plan (TARP) and learn all about storm water. (1996; 30 min.)
Trash Train
A look at what happens to municipal waste from New York when it arrives in Illinois for proper disposal. (1992; 30 min.)
Used Tire Shredding
A look at the agency's cleanup of one of the largest abandoned tire dump sites in the Midwest. (1993; 30 min.)
Vehicle Inspection Program
A look at the agency's first emissions testing program for gasoline powered vehicles in the Chicago and metro-east area. (1994; 30 min.)
A two part program thoroughly examining what watersheds are, how we impact them and how they affect our environment. (1998; 60 min.)
Hazardous Waste Cleanup Projects
There are "several" programs on various remediation projects the agency has been involved in. Please call for specific information. (30 min. each)

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