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Lake Notes Fact Sheets

Lake Notes is a series of publications produced by the Agency about issues confronting Illinois' lake resources. The objective of these publications is to provide lake and watershed residents with a greater understanding of environmental cause-and-effect relationships, and actions we all can take to protect our lakes.

Twenty-Six fact sheets have been completed to date, copies of which are available upon request. In the near future, they will be available on the Agency's homepage. They include:

Artificial Structures for Fish Cover (PDF, 1.11MB)
Aquatic Exotics (PDF, 1.0MB)
Aquatic Plant Management Options (PDF, 5.38MB)
Beavers and Muskrats (PDF, 1.01MB)
Canadian Geese (PDF, 1.08MB)
Common Lake Water Quality Parameters (PDF, 1.07MB)
Determining Your Lake's Watershed (PDF, 1.11MB)
Fertilizer and Pesticide Basics (PDF, 1.07MB)
Home and Yard (PDF, 987KB)
Illinois Clean Lakes Program (PDF, 998KB)
Illinois Lakeshore Birds (PDF, 998KB)
Lake Aeration and Circulation (PDF, 1.01MB)
Lake Dredging (PDF, 1.08MB)
Lake Education Assistance Program (PDF, 813KB)
Lake Stratification and Mixing (PDF, 973KB)
Milfoil Weevil (PDF, 972KB)
Monitoring Lake Quality (PDF)
Pressure Treated Wood (PDF, 1.0MB)
Septic Systems (PDF, 1.0MB)
Shoreline Buffer Strips (PDF, 1.05MB)
Shoreline Stabilization (PDF, 1.0MB)
Stormwater Detention Ponds (PDF, 1.12MB)
Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (PDF, 936KB)
Waterborne Pathogens (PDF, 1.09MB)
Where To Go For Help (PDF, 1.22MB)
Zebra Mussels (PDF, 1.09MB)

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