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Notices to Public Water Supply Users about Groundwater Contamination

The notices listed below were issued by Illinois EPA as required by the Illinois Right-to-Know 2009 law regarding contamination that has affected public water supplies that use wells for their primary drinking water source, or as a back-up source to lake water or river water.

The notices occur when groundwater contamination is detected in public water supply wells at levels that are determined by Illinois EPA to be a threat to public health in excess of Class I Groundwater Standards.

Public Water Supply Available Documents Date
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Sauk Village July 16, 2012
Crystal Lake December 4, 2009
Fox River Grove November 20, 2009
Hennepin November 20, 2009
Rockford PWS November 20, 2009
Six Oaks Mobile Home Park November 20, 2009
Sauk Village PWS June 11, 2009

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