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Water Pollution Control

Water Pollution Control
Field Operations

The field operations program of the Division of Water Pollution Control is designed to prevent, detect, and respond to violations of state and federal clean water laws and regulations. Field staff are located in seven regional offices around the state. Activities of the field staff include the following:

Prevention of Water Pollution

  • Technical assistance to wastewater treatment plant operations staff, both during routine inspections and as part of the municipal wastewater assistance program
  • Participation in education and training activities such as local operator groups, the Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators, and the Illinois Water Environment Association

Detection of Water Pollution

  • Review of Discharge Monitoring Reports and other information submitted to the Illinois EPA by wastewater dischargers
  • Planned and unplanned inspections, including over 8000 reconnaissance/sampling inspections and approximately 2500 more detailed inspections yearly
  • Investigations of pollution incidents reported by citizens, generally 100 or more each month (link to complaint form)
  • Investigations of wastewater releases and spills, fish kills, and other emergency incidents

Response to Water Pollution

  • Preparation of technical inspection reports documenting findings
  • Participation in compliance and enforcement actions when violations are found
  • Participation in developing technical solutions to pollution problems


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