General NPDES Permit for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

General NPDES Permit No. ILA01 was issued for the discharge of wastewaters generated by existing concentrated animal feeding operations. In order for facilities to obtain coverage under the general permit, a discharger must submit a permit application. The permit application will be reviewed by the Illinois EPA, and if the Agency determines that the facility may be covered by the general NPDES permit, a notification will be posted on the Illinois EPA’s webpage for a period of 30 days.

The Public Notice period will begin on the posting date. The last day comments will be received will be on the 30th day after the posting date. Commentors shall provide his or her name and address, the issues proposed to be raised on the proposed coverage under the general permit and the supporting evidence with regards to those issues. The NPDES permit number and posting date must appear on each comment page. Written public comments may be submitted to Illinois EPA, Bureau of Water, Field Operations Section, 1021 N. Grand Avenue East, Springfield, IL 62794-9276 during the comment period.

After the 30-day public notice period the Agency may issue coverage under the general NPDES permit. Coverage under the general NPDES permit will be by letter issued by the Illinois EPA.

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Facilities Covered Under General Permit

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NPDES No. Facility Applicant County Date Posted Details
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ILA010072 Westridge Dairy, LLC Mike Henry Monroe Oct 8, 2010 View
ILA010079 Elmwood Farms, Inc Scott Etcher Peoria Feb 27, 2013 View
ILA010012 Gene Bank of North America Gene Bank Perry Dec 28, 2010 View
ILA010087 Strout Crossing, LLC John McIntire Pike Nov 9, 2011 View
ILA010062 DeClerck Bros Swine Farm Tom and William DeClerck Rock Island Jan 25, 2011 View
ILA010102 KHMM Range Farms KJMM Partnership St. Clair May 10, 2013 View
ILA010080 Birchen Dairy - Pearl City Rod Birchen Stephenson Nov 18, 2010 View
ILA010071 Eugene Meier Farm Eugene Meier Stephenson Dec 8, 2010 View
ILA010086 Rancho Cantera Jake Bosma Stephenson Feb 27, 2013 View
ILA010097 Elm Farms, Inc Larry Hasheider Washington Feb 26, 2013 View

Interested parties may contact the Illinois EPA, Bureau of Water, Permit Section at (217) 782-0610 regarding the concentrated animal feeding operations covered by the general permit. Permit application, supporting documents, nutrient management plans, stormwater management plans and spill control and prevention plans are available at the link below under details for each project. Additional facility information may be obtained by request in accordance with the IEPA’s FOIA rules.

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