General NPDES Permit for Non-coal Mines

The general NPDES permit NPDES No. ILG84 for non-coal mines can cover operations that mine or process: construction sand and gravel, crushed stone or industrial sand. The mine owner or operator must submit a permit application or Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Illinois EPA prior to initiating mining activities to obtain coverage under the general NPDES permit.

After the Illinois EPA reviews the permit application or notice of intent and determines that the mining operation could be covered by the general NPDES permit, a notice will be posted on the Illinois EPA's webpage that the mining operation may be covered by the general NPDES permit for non-coal mines 30 days after the posting date. Coverage under the general NPDES permit will be by letter issued by Illinois EPA.

The non-coal mines permit notifications posted on this webpage after December 11, 2017 are subject to the reissued general NPDES permit No. ILG84.

The construction authorization are available below for each facility posted after December 11, 2017. Additional facility information may be obtained by request in accordance with the IEPA's FOIA rules.


* Click on view document image View Construction Authorization to view the construction authorization.

NPDES Number Facility Name County Posting Date Receiving Water Project Type
  Records 201 to 202 of 202  
ILG840119 Central Stone - Mill Creek 42 Adams Nov 21, 2006 Mill Creek Existing
ILG840118 Baxter Road Quarry, LLC Winnebago Nov 17, 2006 Tributary to Kilbuck Creek New

Interested parties may contact the Illinois EPA, Bureau of Water, Division of Water Pollution Control, Permit Section at (217) 782-0610 regarding the mining operations covered by the general NPDES permit. Permit application or facility information may be obtained by request in accordance with the IEPA's FOIA rules.

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