General NPDES Permit for Public Water Supply Facilities

Public Notice is hereby given by Illinois EPA, Division of Water Pollution Control, Permit Section that a draft National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit ILG64 has been prepared under 40 CFR 124.6(d) for wastewater discharges from existing Public Water Supply (PWS) facilities.

The draft permit is available for inspection and interested persons are invited to submit written comments on the draft permit to the Agency at:

Illinois EPA - Bureau of Water DWPC - Permit Section P.O. Box 19276 Springfield, IL 62794-9276

General NPDES Permit No. ILG64 was issued for the discharge of wastewaters generated by existing public water supply facilities. In order for facilities to obtain coverage under the general permit, a discharger must submit a permit application.

The permit application will be reviewed by the Illinois EPA, and if the Agency determines that the facility may be covered by the general NPDES permit, a notification will be posted on the Illinois EPA’s webpage for a period of 14 days. Coverage under the general NPDES permit will be by letter issued by the Illinois EPA.


* Click on view document image View Permit Review Sheet to view the review sheet for each facility.

NPDES Number Facility Name County Posting Date Receiving Water Radium / Arsenic
  Records 1 to 10 of 231  
View Permit Review Sheet ILG640281 Clark Edgar Rural Water District Clark Aug 11, 2015 Unnamed Ditch Tributary to Neely Creek No
View Permit Review Sheet ILG640280 Loda, Village of Iroquois Apr 28, 2015 Unnamed Tributary of Sugar Creek No
View Permit Review Sheet ILG640192 Carlock WTP, Village of McLean Oct 29, 2014 Rock Creek Yes
View Permit Review Sheet ILG640279 Little York, Village of Warren Oct 9, 2014 Cedar Creek No
View Permit Review Sheet ILG640029 Alhambra WTP, Village of Madison Jul 9, 2014 Unnamed Tributary to Silver Creek No
View Permit Review Sheet ILG640278 Bloomington WTP, City of McLean Feb 13, 2014 Money Creek No
View Permit Review Sheet ILG640277 Mt. Carmel Water Treatment Facility Wabash Dec 24, 2013 Wabash River No
View Permit Review Sheet ILG640276 Virgina WTP, City of Cass Nov 22, 2013 Virginia Lake No
View Permit Review Sheet ILG640228 Ellsworth WTP, Village of McLean Jul 3, 2013 Unnamed Tributary to Sangamon River No
View Permit Review Sheet ILG640275 Kempton WTP, Village of Ford Jun 5, 2013 Unnamed Tributary of Kelly Creek No

Interested parties may contact the Illinois EPA, Bureau of Water, Permit Section at (217) 782-0610 regarding the public water supply facilities covered by the general permit. Permit application or facility information may be obtained by request in accordance with the IEPA's FOIA rules.

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